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Era of Survival is an open world multiplayer survival, build and craft game in its Alpha stage of development. 

Set in a lost world where the player must explore dangerous forests, collect essential supplies like food and water, find materials to construct a shelter, make tools and weapons to protect your things and then start farming veggies to beat hunger forever - whilst playing with other players on our Official Server or in Single Player mode. 

Collect food and water

Some foods you can farm with, others are better at providing thirst than hunger when eaten, find them growing wild in pairs or in groves. Or kill animals for raw meat and cook it

Craft tools, weapons and other essentials

Tools and weapons ranging from entry level to strong. Tools to chop and mine with, weapons to defend yourself with. Essentials like campfires, boxes to store supplies in, beds to spawn at, should you die. Medical supplies to keep your health up

Explore the open world

Discover new foods. Map out areas that will make great living spots due to their location to dams or many close by supplies, like large groves. Encounter wild, hostile wolves that only care to kill you on sight and chickens that provide a good source of raw meats to cook. Find rare and essential crafting supplies around the map. Plan your time so you don't get stuck far away from home after the sun had set.

Build your own house

Build your own base and keep yourself, your team and your supplies safe from others. Collect wood to build a wooden base or mine stone to build a stone base. Stone is stronger, but scarcer to find. Build a massive fortress for you and your clan, or be space conscious and build a lock up and go. Just want to build? Enable Creative mode and InstaCraft and build fortresses of your dreams

Regular Updates

As of September 2020, we have released 14 big updates to fix bugs and bring new features that our community wanted. We post Devlogs on our Steam Forum.

Online Multiplayer and Official Server

Online multiplayer and Local LAN capable. You can also play offline on your own without internet access. Be prepared to do what is needed to stay alive when you meet others in game. Kill other players and steal their supplies, break into their houses and take their valuables. Chop other players up, cook them and then eat them. In Game Chat supported. Steam integration. Era is dynamic, supplies move every time you start a new world. We also host an Official Online Server in California for low ping to our highest player graphic

Available on Steam

Era of Survival is also available through Steam.

Era of Survival is still in its Alpha stage of development and is released under Early Access because we understand that the game is still far from perfect in its current form. Please have a look at our Steam discussions page for more information. If you feel that you like the game but aren't ready to participate yet, then please consider wish listing Era :)

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